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P.A three year bachelor degree P L U S the U O N Graduate Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction.S C H O L A R S H I P T I P S Know where to search Once you start your research you will find there are many scholarships available ?some general and some specific to education or teaching degrees. Many scholarship search websites can help by narrowing down your search and finding the ones you qualify for. Looking at your school websites scholarship section or talking to a financial aid counselor can also help. For teaching students college education departments may have scholarships available only to students pursuing a degree in education. Stay organized To apply for scholarships its important to stay organized. Typically you will need high school or college transcripts income verification or F A F S A information proof of citizenship and proof of acceptance or enrollment at an approved college. Often you will need to answer a series of questions or write an essay on a specified topic and may need to get a resume together as well as letters of recommendation from employers or faculty members. Gathering these documents as early as possible will reduce stress and enable you to meet application deadlines. Prioritize F A F S A Many scholarships are based on financial need so proof of income and resources may be a required component of the scholarship application. The first step in providing financial information is usually the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( F A F S A) which can be completed online. Most need-based scholarships require this form even if they are privately funded. Other documents such as proof of income for students and/or their parents may also be required such as tax returns or earnings statement so make sure these are done close to the beginning of the year. Ask for relevant letters of recommendation Students may be required to submit letters of recommendations with scholarship applications. If the scholarship committee does not specify who should write the letter its best to ask a person who can speak to your interest in education or teaching. The best people for this may be teachers.Proficiency equivalent to four semesters of college instruction in a foreign language taught by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures or Judaic Studies. Standardized examinations for foreign languages may be used to meet the requirement...One of the main benefits of any internship is developing valuable skills that you can carry into the beginning of your career..Build digital marketing strategy and data skills for a modern marketing career.How to use Blackboard.

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